LOCKDOWN, the first collaborative living room game by machina eX, is a game about living in a state of isolation.

Everything went as usual this morning. Tess went to work, even though
she didn’t feel like it. She put on her cycling shoes, ran down the stairs, got on her bike, and rode off through the deserted streets. A totally normal day in the new abnormal. But now she’s disappeared. Her cell phone is off. Her boss has no idea where she is. But she should have been home by now. So you embark on a search. Everyone on their own, together with everyone else.

In the spontaneous, crisis-inspired production LOCKDOWN by the game theater collective machina eX, the audience takes on the role of Tess’ flatmates. The smartphone becomes a stage and the sofa the playing field. In chats and calls, in familiar and unfamiliar places on the Internet, a story unfolds, and players have the power to influence the outcome from their living rooms. Can they connect the clues in time? A game about the everyday state of emergency and about coming together in times of isolation. A smartphone with the messenger app Telegram is required to play the game.

Awarded the IKARUS 21.0 for outstanding Berlin theater productions for children and young people in pandemic times.

Premiere / Venues

Premiere in May 2020 at the FFT Düsseldorf

August 2020 at the DGB Bildungswerks Mediensommer, Hattingen

September 2020 at the Theaterfestival Grenzenlos, Mainz

November 2020 at the Jugendkonferenz of the Stiftung Bildung, Berlin

March 2021 at the Starke Stücke Festival

May 2021 at the Festival Perspectives, Saarbrücken/Moselle

July 2021 at the Bauhaus Dessau (Adaptation)

Credit: FFT/Clara Marx-Zakowski

„We need to train our robots.“

Clara Ehrenwerth in conversation with Susanne Luerweg on Deutschlandfunk

Concept and Game Design: machina eX /// Performance (Stimme): Lea Beie. Nora Decker, Clara Ehrenwerth, Anne Eigner, Jan Jaroszek, Sina Kießling, Meret Mundwiler, Giacumina Oelhafen, Martin Schnippa, David Simon. With special thanks to Danica Bolla („Tess“) /// Text Clara Ehrenwerth /// Sound Design: Mathias Prinz /// Dramaturgy: Yves Regenass /// Programming: Lasse Marburg, Benedikt Kaffai /// Web Design: Philip Steimel /// Production management: Sina Kießling

Production: machina eX/FFT Düsseldorf. Funded under the rubric of the Alliance of International Production Studios by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media